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Campus wlan & Bandwidth Management and Optimisation Training

This will be an intense hands-on five (5) day training to teach skills required for bandwidth management and optimization at the Campus environment


The main objective of the training is to empower the various network administrators from the various institutions with skills that will enable them to effectively manage the networks of the various institutions that they represent. This will enable them to ensure the bandwidth they are been provided with is been used for academic work and not been consumed by viruses, spam, peer-to-peer traffic and other malware.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for technical staff that operates a TCP/IP network and intends to provide connectivity to both students and faculty.


The participants are required to be conversant with Linux/Unix commands. All participants are required to submit current network diagrams for discussion during the Case Studies. Each participant is also required to bring a laptop.

Course content

This is a hands on training experience where the participants will setup a Bandwidth Management and Optimization Box using a wide variety of tools in both Unix and Linux.

The training will begin by introducing the students to the importance of network management and best campus design principles. The training will also give them skills on how to troubleshoot common campus network problems and teach them how to install and manage network monitoring tools. They will also be taught bandwidth management principles within a campus environment and how to develop and implement bandwidth policies.

Course Cost

This is a cost recovery based training and the Participants will contribute an amount to cater for their accommodation and the trainers time. This cost will cost USD1000 Per Participant.


All participants will be nominated by the ICT Director/ ICT Head at the Institution . All nominations should be received by 15th July 2013


Institution Name Position
1 Tangaza College James Kimani Network Administrator
2 Meru University of Science & Technology Alfred Mugendi ICT Technician
3 Strathmore University Charles Kiilur Assistant System/Network Administrator
4 Kisumu polytechnic Anthony Oluoch Network Administrator
5 Kisumu polytechnic Lynn Okindo Technician
6 Technical University of Kenya Mr. Geoffrey O. Ronga Network Administrator
7 Kenya Methodist University- Nakuru Campus Brian Oucho Network Administrator
8 Kenya Methodist University- Nairobi Campus David Munene Network Administrator
9 Karatina University of Science and technology Michael N Gitau Network Administrator
10 University of Nairobi Maurice Mulonzi Mutua Senior ICT Officer (Network Infrastructure)
11 University of Nairobi Paul Kimemia Senior ICT Officer
12 Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Nicholas Kiget Network Administrator
13 Moi University Luke Rotich Assistant Database Administrator
16 Moi University Eldoret West Campus Sammy Goin Computer Technician
15 Kemri UCSF George Oduor Njogu ICT Officer
16 Kemri UCSF Elizabeth Muga ICT Manager
17 Maseno University Calvin Bwire Ochieng Network Administrator
18 Kabarak University Sirma Rueben System Administrator
19 Kenya Education Network Jeremiah Kioko Graduate Trainee
20 Kenya Education Network Nelly Njoroge Graduate Trainee
21 United States International University Dorine Ojodo ICT Administrator
22 Kenya Education Network Saitoti Chemut Graduate Trainee
23 Daystar University David Lagat Network Analyst
24 Daystar University Julius Muli Network Analyst
25 St. Pauls University James Biyogo Systems Administrator
26 University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Naomi Okioi Network Administrator
27 Chuka University Robert Mwenda Systems Administrator
28 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Arthur Wainaina Mburu Network Administrator
29 Pwani University Kenneth Cheruiyot ICT Technician
30 Taita Taveta University College Stanely Langat Network Administrator
31 South Eastern Kenya University Stephen Maithya ICT Officer
32 Kisii University Armstrong Rapudo System Administrator


Download group Photo here [[1]]


KENET-Wireless & BMO Tarining-August-20132.jpg KENET-Wireless & BMO Tarining-August-20133.jpg


Week 1


8-10:Introduction, Registration & Welcome MK/MN

10-13:Introduction to campus network KA [[2]]

14-16:Campus Network design/best practices KA [[3]]

16-18:Case studies: interactive session:[4] PM


8-10:Why wireless? introduction to wifi MN [[5]]

10-13: Wireless network best practices/Designing scalable wireless networks in Campus LAN: Interactive session:PM

14-16WLAN Device selection: MN [[6]] Check device website for relevant datasheets

16-18:Interactive Session: MN


8-10:Introduction to network monitoring [7]HM

10-13:Network monitoring lab: basic nagios, cacti, webmin[8] HM

14-16:Network monitoring lab: basic nagios, cacti, webmin HM

Cacti exercise [9] cacti webpage [10]

Nagios+nconf exercise [11]

Smokeping exercise [12] smokeping screenshot [13]

webmin [14]

16-18:Interactive session: KA


8-10:Wireless network monitoring and management[15] KA

10-13:Wireless security [16]MN

14-16:lab AP configuration [17] :security, monitoring MN

install unifi controller [18]

16-18: Interactive session KA


8-10:Wireles security:IEEE802.1x+radius: MW freeradius LAB [19]

10-13:eduroam MW

14-16interactive: migrating campus to eduroam,noise &interference, byod KA

16-18interactive: migrating campus to eduroam,noise &interference, byod KA


8-10:Basic troubleshooting LAN/WLAN & RECAP: PM

10-13:Basic troubleshooting LAN/WLAN & RECAP: PM





8-10:Advanced network troubleshooting:tcp/ip stack,ping, traceroute mtr dig[20] PM

10-13:DHCP [21] DNS HM

DNS fundamentals [[22]]

DNS Cache operation and debugging [[23]]

DNS configuration of Authoratative Nameservice [[24]]

DNS Delegation [[25]]

14-16:Lab/Interactive session HM/PM DNS exercise [[26]]

WPAD [[27]]

DHCP Exercise [28]

16-18:Lab/Interactive session HM/PM


8-10:The bandwidth challenge [[29]] PM

10-13:squid [[30]] HM

14-16:lab:Installation of squid HM

16-18:Interactive session MN


8-10:Advanced squid: wpad, HM

10-13:Advanced squid: wpad, HM wpad exercise [31]

14-16:LAb: HM

16-18:Interactive session KA

Group Dinner


8-10:Introduction to cyber security [[32]] PM

10-13:Advanced cyber security KA

14-16:LAB: Scanning websites, Linux firewall PM/HM

Iptables [[33]] Website Security [[34]]

16-18: Interactive session MN


8-10:Network policies: WLAN, BYOD,etc MW

10-13: Training Certificate Issuance & Closing Ceremony MK

Network policies: Acceptable use policy security policy PM

14-16: Network documentation:[[35]] HM

16-18:Interactive session KA


MK - Meoli Kashorda
KA- Kennedy Aseda
MW - Maureen Wanja
PM - Peter Muia
HM - Hezron Mwangi