Internet Governance and ICT Policy

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This is a training workshop on Internet Governance and Information Communication & Technology policies in national, regional and International processes.


This course serves to teach ICT managers at various campuses the importance of having proper ICT policies and their importance.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for ICT directors/Managers that are involved in the day to day running of the ICT department in the campus environment.

Course content

• What is ICT policy?

• Technical Infrastructure of the Internet and how that shapes governance.

• ICT policy, legislation and regulation.

• Involving key players at national levels.

• Guiding and governing the internet.

• Telecommunications regulations

• Policy and regulatory issues

• Decision making process.

• Intellectual Property: free software and indigenous knowledge.

• Freedom of expression and censorship.

• Cybercrime

• Privacy and security.

• Surveillance and data retention.

• Right to communicate

Other topics covered will include:

• Importance of backup, mirroring and archiving.

• Cloud Computing