Scalable Campus Network & Wireless LAN design

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This will be an intense hands-on fourteen (14) day training to teach skills required for the configuration and operation of large scale campus networks. The training will be held from April 22 to May 3, 2014.


After this training the participants will be able to design and implement a large scale campus network. This course will provide the techies with the necessary TCP/IP skills to administer a campus network.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for technical staff that operates a TCP/IP network with international connectivity and inter-campus connectivity.

Course content

The course is divided into three; Campus networks, Scalable networks and Wireless networks

Campus Networks

Campus Network design principles & Best Practices

Campus Networks Design.

IP address routing & management(addressing,subnetting)

Campus Network Physical cable Infrastructure

Hierarchical Design

Scalable Networks

Cisco switch configuration basics

HP configuration essentials

Switching Architecture -STP

Introduction to IEEE 802.1q (VLANS)


Switch troubleshooting

Campus Network monitoring

Wireless Campus Networks

Designing a campus WLAN

Why wireless?

Comparative use of Unlicensed Spectrum

Introduction to Wi-Fi

Access point configuration and upgrading

Campus WLAN design

Wireless Security


Wireless authentication IEEE 802.1x


Items Required

Each Participant is to bring a laptop with wireless connectivity.


Name Organization

Dean Pemberton (DP) NSRC

Dale Smith (DS) NSRC

Philip Smith (PS) NSRC

Michelle Opiyo (MO) KENET

Maureen Njue (MN) KENET

Hillary Cheserek (HC)KENET

Hezron Mwangi (HM) KENET

Joan Masai (JM) KENET

Cornelius Achiki (CA)KENET


Week 1

Day 9.00-10.30 10.30-10.50 10.50-13.00 1300-1400 1400-1600 1600-1620 1620-1800
TuesdayApril 22 Welcome& RegistrationLayers 1/2/3 Refresher [[1]](MN) Tea Break Intro to Net Mgmt and SNMP [[2]] ""MN" Lunch Network Monitoring tools: Nagios , Cacti [[3]] HM Tea Break LA Network monitoring lab: basic nagios, cacti, webmin HM

Cacti exercise [4] Nagios+nconf exercise [5] Smokeping exercise [6] webmin [7] BHM/MN

WednesdayApril 23 Cisco configuration essentialsHP Configuration essentials [[8]] HM Tea Break VPNs [[9]] (MO) Lunch Introduction to VLANS [[10]] (DP) Tea Break VLANs Lab [[11]]
ThursdayApril 24 Campus Network Design principles and best practices [[12]] (DS) Tea Break Campus Network Structured Cabling Exercise

Campus Network Cabling [[13]] Fiber Splicing Exercise [[14]] Fiber Splicing Exercise Answers [[15]] Cable Systems Specifications [[16]] (DS)

Lunch Campus Network Designs Round-tableDS/DP Tea Break Campus Network Designs Round-tableDS/DP
FridayApril 25 Switching architectures (Layer 2 ) DP Tea Break Layer 2 Lab PS/DP

Lab Access [[17]] Lab-PDF [[18]]

Lunch IP routing (addressing, subnetting, OSPF, BGP)

Introduction to routing [[19]] Introduction to OSPF [[20]] Introduction to BGP [[21]] Layer 3 static lab [[22]] OSPF Lab [[23]]

Tea Break IP routing Lab PS/DP
SaturdayApril 26 Troubleshooting Campus LAN [[24]] (MN) Tea Break SDNDP Lunch Sponsored by NSRC at Jacaranda Hotel Tea Break

Week 2

Day 9.00-10.30 10.30-10.50 10.50-13.00 1300-1400 1400-1600 1600-1620 1620-1800
MondayApril 28 Why Wireless? [[25]] JM Tea Break RF Channel and Modulation Fundamentals [[26]] CA Lunch Comparative use of unlicensed spectrum [[27]] JM Tea Break Antenna fundamentals [[28]] CA
TuesdayApril 29 Introduction to Wi-Fi [[29]] HC Tea Break Access point configuration [[30]] CA Lunch LAB: AP and client configuration [[31]] CA
WednesdayApril 30 Designing Scalable Wireless Networks in the campusCA Tea Break Wifi hardware and choicesHC Lunch Case Studies Case Studies
FridayMay 2 Wireless Security: [[32]] JM

Wireless Authentication [[33]]

Tea Break Wireless Security LABJM/CA Lunch Wireless Troubleshooting CA Roaming in the campus [[34]] HC
SaturdayMay 3 Eduroam [[35]] HM Tea Break Closing Ceremony Lunch